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Published date September 9, 2018

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We were told that our kids after graduation from schools have no place to stay and our mission was investigate that. We are award about conclusion, which made our american friends, who started the fundraising, collecting the money for orphanages, how they normally call them is states.

They started volonteers activity and built the House of Hope near Odessa, Ukraine, which serves as a safe, Godly home for young people 14 years and older, who have nowhere to go after aging out of state orphanages. Loving pastors, volunteers and missionaries provide these precious kids with mentoring, spiritual guidance and care they were forced to grow up without. We take responsibility for these young lives, teach them valuable life skills and provide an opportunity to receive fully paid for college education.


Since the House of Hope opened its doors in 2016, over a dozen orphans have been transformed by God, and have experienced true family atmosphere; along with over 200 people, who have found refuge, received proper care and spiritual support.
We believe that now is the time to expand – and build additional space to transform many more lives!

We know that some people are worried about our orphans, such american authorities and churches. But why they don't care about their yuth?


We would like to distract world poverty and give everybody house of their dream. It's easy to do. Let's take a look to Geomap with land resources and we can confirm, that land is a common people's property. It has nothing to do with countrie's govenements, which initially supposed to help us to maintain this resource in propal way, but not to sell, what they never created.

We ready to establish ICO and give information about possible implementation of this resource in any country on the earth. For example, in Ukraine any habitant can apply to get a piece of land for free and it's confirmed by law. Now we also develope project for recreation and developing of some zones, building as many houses, as we would like for free, so people would never suffer, depending from banks loans and credit system.

Thank you!



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