Digital investment to Reconstruction of Louvre, Paris, France

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Expiry date 30 Sep, 2018
Published date August 31, 2018

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The Louvre was a medieval fortress and the palace of the kings of France before becoming a museum two centuries ago. The addition of I. M. Pei’s pyramid shocked many when it was unveiled in 1989 as the new main entrance, yet it somehow works, integrating the palace’s disparate elements. The museum’s collections, which range from antiquity to the first half of the 19th century, are among the most important in the world.

According to  mecenat-entreprises, we have a few digital projects to deal with. First of all we declare our solution to invest to construction projects, as:

  • The Pyramide Project
  • Renovation of Delacroix's studio
  • Renovation of the Tuileries Garden

First of all we would like to start investment to Pyramid Project online solution with

As part of a wider effort to promote the Louvre's collection, the Pyramid Project is the first phase of a large-scale project aiming to put the visitor back at the center of the museum and its permanent collection.

The entrances and reception areas under the Pyramid will be reorganized, moving logistical functions such as ticket sales, cloakrooms and restrooms to the periphery of the Pyramid in order to enhance the visitor experience.

With this project, designed by museum staff and the architectural firm Search, the iconic Hall Napoléon will revert back to its original function as a visit planning area, regaining its grandeur and serenity without interfering with the building's architecture.

Improvements to visitor reception will continue in the galleries with the generalization of bilingual artwork labels (in French and English) throughout the museum, as well as the development of a visual and audio app for self-guided visits. Visitors can use the application to locate their position upon entering the museum and find their way around. It will feature commentaries of nearly seven hundred artworks at the Louvre in a choice of nine languages.

Hall Napoléon libéré de sa banque d’information (projet)

Hall Napoléon libéré de sa banque d’information (projet)


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