Facebook Investigation

Token Symbol
Estimated value $100000000
Expiry date
Published date January 4, 2019

Token Overview

We have found out, that guys on Facebook use our info for their own purpose. They locked someone's account, which was hacked and sent full backupĀ  with evidence to us. In those file it states clear, that people who pretended to be women, suddenly became men and most sportsmen turned to some scaring girls with open bodies to show their brests, etc. This is disgusting, because we explored the ip addresses from which other people came to the account and realised that there were different managers from Facebook who actually are searching what people do, who they with and define if this or that person can have relashionship with another person. Also they search for any kind of business which is convinient to them to steal information, passwords and so on. They can immidiately make fake profiles just to kick you out of sense sending some porno staff to girls, who may be are supprised to watch those pics and getting stressed out. Also to reopen your account they demand your documents or other identy info to steal it and get anything they can in this case. We need to investigate this case and give it to everybody to realise how far they go with those people, who actually decided to conquer the world and manipulate our consence. How much money they earn from watching us? We think none, as they absolutely out of sense! No to Big Brother!

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