Groundwater Resourses for Clean Drinking Water Establishment

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We found out that some people try to use common resource, which is water for the purpose of money grab. We can not agree with the policy of certain polititians and goverments, which declare property use to be their affair. It is belong to population of globe. Also we can afford estimation of creation groundwater facilities to be everywhere on the earth as  drinking water sources and to liquidate bottles production alongside with plastic bags.

What is groundwater?

The area where water fills the aquifer is called the saturated zone (or saturation zone). The top of this zone is called the water table. The water table may be located only a foot below the ground’s surface or it can sit hundreds of feet down.


Aquifers are typically made up of gravel, sand, sandstone, or fractured rock, like limestone. Water can move through these materials because they have large connected spaces that make them permeable. The speed at which groundwater flows depends on the size of the spaces in the soil or rock and how well the spaces are connected.

Groundwater can be found almost everywhere. The water table may be deep or shallow; and may rise or fall depending on many factors. Heavy rains or melting snow may cause the water table to rise, or heavy pumping of groundwater supplies may cause the water table to fall.

Rain + Groundwater

Groundwater supplies are replenished, or recharged, by rain and snow melt that seeps down into the cracks and crevices beneath the land's surface. In some areas of the world, people face serious water shortages because groundwater is used faster than it is naturally replenished. In other areas groundwater is polluted by human activities.

Water in aquifers is brought to the surface naturally through a spring or can be discharged into lakes and streams. Groundwater can also be extracted through a well drilled into the aquifer. A well is a pipe in the ground that fills with groundwater. This water can be brought to the surface by a pump. Shallow wells may go dry if the water table falls below the bottom of the well. Some wells, called artesian wells, do not need a pump because of natural pressures that force the water up and out of the well.

Ancient civilisation used different enjineer equipment to produce water supply with some facilities. We can find those materials and books throw our contacts and place them online as an open internet resource aswell as underwater maps for each country.

We developed currency, which we would like for this purpose and we want tro give it to peaple who willing to participate in mentioned project.

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