Hakuna Matata

Token Symbol Jupiter
Estimated value $20000000
Expiry date 31 Dec, 2018
Published date September 5, 2018

Token Overview

We agree, that our friends from Africa were taken away from their own land by force for assimilation. Now we can see millions of suffering people in all continents, because land, where they live now is not their native environment, aswell as climate, food, culture, religy, etc. are different. We collected info from different societies, where black community live and came to the conclusion, that they miss Africa and majority of those people willing to go back to their own country. The reason, that they can not do it in mostly cases is luck of money to pay out debts to banks for mortgages, education and medicin, which they use, leaving with their families. They can not get real money to finish with debts and do crimes, then they go to prisons and die after because of struggle between different crime groups and gangs.

Also they would like eat what their relatives from ancient time were eating, as plants and vegitables. Now we can see sufferung of black community with fatness and heart deseases because their usial food became chicken wings, beacon and ribs, what is absolutely prohibited by their culture in the past. Also medicin system kills those people anyway as they are charged for some issues, which they are involved without their will and actually are scammed. They are not protected and will dissappear because of some other people religious and common concerns, as Ku-Klux-Klan and others, which declared racism and community "purification" from black african people. Look at their woman! Instead of health, beaty and relation they show violence. Where those woman can get support?

We involved to those relations with black community aswell, as we know certain people in London and Miamy, who can confirm everything about that.

We established currency as 20000000 Jupiters to give those people to have opportunity to provide with travel expenses and accomodation in Africa, as wooden houses, which we can afford.

Also we can offer lobbing for independence of African countries from colonial efforts and suggest possibility african people to travel without visa to any country or land. We will extend our policy of free communications between people of any nation to have them opportuniry to travel without visa at all, anywhere they would like to move.

We will give 2 millions Jupiters for declaration of free transfer.

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End in: 31 Dec, 2018

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