Hippodrome Odessa Racing Horses

Token Symbol Jupiter
Estimated value $30000000
Expiry date 28 Oct, 2018
Published date August 27, 2018

Token Overview


We declare our support to Odessa's Hippodrome, where we can place a lot of good racing horses from all over the country and from abroad. We have developed infrastructure, which allows bring our decision into propriate standard. We know that horses have to be accomodated in aproppriate premises. Also they need food and vitamins. We know a few horses breeders, who are willing to support airdrop and establish ICO  with us. We have shares available for sale. Please contact to discuss.

Also we provide additional supplement with horse tips, which we sell through our online resource www.luxurybrands.store.

Take a look at last competition winner from 26.08.2018.



Also we have racings with cart behind, which is more popular in novadays.


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End in: 28 Oct, 2018

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