Internet Shopping Giant’s Services Investigation

Token Symbol Jupiter
Estimated value $100000000
Expiry date 8 Mar, 2019
Published date August 29, 2018

Token Overview

Many years we are struggling with Addwords service which is Google's company. We advise everybody who deals with Google not to use this service, as we can confirm their useless and notify about scamming resources they normally do, as double hostings, servers mirroring, sales of https certificates, where they synchronize all necessary info about sites popularity and sales estimations, also they manipulate with this data. Google Shop deliberately changes prices info, dates of delivery and suppliers. Also their soft simply does not work. We tried to promote our sites to different countries, but have never seen advertisements which supposed to be there according to our settings. Also the payment system is abusive. There is no limit on initial payment without special actions, which people are not informed about. So we are losing a lot of money from the first step at this service. Google buys itself a few items, just to make visibility of sales on his shop. Statistics is absolutely wrong. We placed our products to eBay, following Google's statistics and were not satisfied with result. Also we compared our hosting statistics to Google's one and they were absolutely different. Who knows who is Google? Where are they physically are? We tried to communicate with them in different ways, but they don’t want to tell any information about their office. Also they use bots, which damage scripts and steal money. We admitted suspicion activities of those bots long time ago, as they pull comments, promoting their staff They change plugins and other scripts in certain ways, so people cannot have income only because Google is totally corrupt and needs money for itself. We heard that Google already was fined for his activities with his shopping service for 2,4 billion USD last year, but it doesn’t learn and continue using scamming methods either.

Also we can confirm that Amazon, which is their business, is using the same aggressive and not human beings policy. They allow people to upload some products and buy a few items themselves. Then they ask for any improvements of stock availability. As soon as they feel, that the product will be in demand, they start bulling with cancellations of orders and buyers compliances. Sometimes they making articles with explanations that Chinese factories produce only first portion of good quality and then are making rubbish. We work with Chinese shop from longtime ago and never had bad quality products. Check Also Amazon people normally close any account for a few months without a doubt. They might make returns, but we are not sure, that the products they offer are real, because a few times we tried to buy something there and goods were out of stock. Also we are informed, that they sell EAN numbers and made it clear, that buying of those numbers is necessary to put any product onsale. What are those numbers for? People have to know, that those numbers are normally established with a simple soft for passwords generation. They charge 1$ for each number. Imagine millions of dollars for stupidnes, people agreed to pay! Also when we put our products to Google Store for modification of sales, we suddenly addmitted that our goods became popolar on a few other sites with Amazon inclusive, but before we uploaded our spreadsheets to Addwords, they were not there! It means that Google demands from the people full report of their activities in order to establish their priority in each neach of commerce. Fuck that!

We could not close the shop without initial payment. Amazon sells invoice straight after opening, even if you don’t upload any products there. Then your account  will be continuously billed every month.

The same scamming technic uses Ebay. They write you that account was closed, but will continue to send bills, asking more and more money for nothing, even the shop does not exist. This is ridiculous!

PayPal and Stripe do very pathetic offers about ecommerce, but as we can admit the only reason they exist is establishing backorders, which they do through their own network. They also try to find some good stock and give you opportunity to work a few months or weeks, but then they will stop your account for any reason which they find as requesting initial payment provident, invoices, tracking numbers, tax info, company liability papers and so on, which is absolutely not their competence.

We demand to stop bulling in internet and ready to invest 100000000 Jupiters to European Comission and other organisations to investigate all those matters.


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End in: 8 Mar, 2019

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