3d Animation Robinson Crusoe

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Expiry date 18 Sep, 2018
Published date September 6, 2018

Token Overview

We would like to create 3d movie "Robinson Crusoe". It is a movie about a guy, who spent years on a tropical island, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers. We have already created 3d copy of story, which is first approach to prototype heroe,120 min lengths and need to improve full version. Also we can provide with scenario to make digital copy with real cinema patronage.

Most of us know his story when he was on the island, but indeed this story is much comprehensive.The story of Robinson is a very simple story. Such, at any rate, it seems at first glance. What's the audience will be able to see in the film? Romantic wonderings, unknown lands and mysterious islands. Mighty waves are born somewhere in the infinite space of the ocean and sailing to die on the far shore a deserted island, silhouettes of palm trees, bending under the wind, bloodthirsty cannibals, leaving a strange footsteps on the scorching sands of the island, the distant sail on the horizon. But the point of the film is something else. Exotic and mundane - two sides of the same coin. Life on the island of Robinson Crusoe is a search for a man of his way to God. Robinson - before he came to the island was not a free-thinker or an atheist, but rather a man indifferent to religion. Life on the island has made him a deeply religious man. Robinson sees the manifestation of divine providence in every incident of his life. With the advent on the island Friday his religious fervor takes on a new direction and becomes a missionary - the desire to turn his fellow- savage and pagan in a good Christian. The island is a metaphor, symbolizing man's loneliness in densely populated, but hostile world. We can't live in the community, and to be free from society. A world without a good and cheerful image of a hermit certainly would have been different - more dull and not so romantic; Robinson Crusoe gave people what they might need most - hope. Please have a look some episodes.


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